The agency so far deals with studies of private and public works and supervision to implementation.

To process the agency has partners in every phase of the entire range of required disciplines (architects, mechanical engineers etc.). Specifically provides services in the following areas:

  • Topographical surveying and Land applications.

  • Architectural studies . During the licensing process Building multitude building facilities have been designed and manufactured either by direct labor under supervision or by the manufacturing process design (houses, residential complexes, tourist facilities and hotels and special buildings such as shops buildings - offices, leisure centers etc. ).

  • Static studies . Analysis of construction, preparation of structural design for the entire range of materials (concrete, steel, wood, composites, masonry). Studies support static buildings damaged by earthquake, rehabilitation and change of use. They have been conducted all static nature studies (600). Furthermore specific static Public works studies, special retaining (pasalotoichoi), bridges (odofefyres), structural integrity monitoring public buildings, enhance and reuse of buildings. The office holds corresponding Scholar degree in category 8.

  • Environmental public and private projects. (Hotels, roads, Urban interventions, fishing shelters etc.). The office holds corresponding Scholar degree of class 27.

  • Investment Evaluation and feasibility study of each project regarding viability of the facility in relation to the cost of construction. Estimates private projects as associate assessor Piraeus Bank and National Bank of Greece.

  • Energy assessments (the last decade designed and manufactured energy-saving devices in many constructions of private works in collaboration with the owners. Special emphasis is placed both passive shell design - thermal insulation and to save water and energy by means of installations for heating or air conditioning.

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